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“Chasing the Light” -Annual Conference in Chengdu,2022BACK


On January 15, 2022, the theme of "Chasing the Light"Hiseas annual Conference was held in Chengdu.Due to the impact of COVID-19,we chose Live and Online together.Attendees come from various functional centers, subsidiary company, branch offices at home and abroad, as well as some guests, institutional representatives and partners. They gathered to review the experience of Hiseas in 2020-2021 and look forward to the development plan of  2022.



Thanks to Have You Around

At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the Annual Conference was officially started with the 2022 promotional video.The video shows the strongly team cohesion of Hiseasers during these 2 years.When Hiseasers watched the video, they were all moved by the spirit of overcoming difficulties.

Chasing the Light

Mr. Wang Wei, CEO of Hiseas, made the "Chasing the light"speech.He reviewed the hard time of Hiseas, appreciated the insistence、unity and effort during the hard time.Then, he analyzed the recovery of Tourism,especially Southeast Asia travel to Europe.Mr. Wang Wei expected everyone will face the difficulties and stand out. 2022 is a challenging year.




Mr. Wang Wei further explained the theme of “Chasing The Light”. In the dark time, the light from firefly is weak , but bright.When all lights gather, it can become starlight, finally glows.He hopes all hiseasers can hold own power like the fireflies. The road is difficult and long, Hiseasers should be fearless.



Keep Moving

Then, Financial manager made the report about financial plan in 2022.

After,Southeast Asia group, Hiseas Education Sales Departments(Sichuan, Guizhou, Anhui, Henan, Shandong), Viva , Nordis Travel, Atlas Hiseas and other groups reviewed the work about 2021.They made clear plans for 2022, analyzed the difficulties and challenges.


Go Further

Pressure is also the motivation. The sales team of Hiseas is a powerful team. Each year, they sign the "the agreement of commitment for business performance", with heavy tasks and expectations. In the coming year, we will still strive for our goals and contribute the greatest strength to the development!


Before the dinner party, Mr. Wang Wei and the Sales team signed "the agreement of commitment for business performance"of 2022. Hiseasers will work hard to achieve goals.

Dinner party

Lucky time is coming. During the dinner, the lottery was also interspersed. Some lucky persons got gifts through playing games and lottery, all Hiseasers were happy and laughing.2022 will be a lucky year for Hiseas.



"Chasing the Light " Annual Conference has been successfully held!

In the past 2 years, Hiseas spent hard and unforgettable time. We did not get lost , Instead, we always strive to move forward. In the new year, we will unite and go further together.