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Facing this uncertain world, we are trying to find a 'satisfied answer'BACK

As we all known, 2020 is destined to be a truly extraordinary year. A sudden epidemic outbreak sparked may disturb everyone’s life plan.

At this stage, cases of COVID-19 have been detected in several countries in Asia, but also in Europe and further global spread is likely. 

As one of the tourism, which is one of the most affected industry during this stage, Hiseas has been insisting on keeping struggle and pursuing profession and trying to find a 'satisfied answer'.

Keeping Optimism

The world is getting through a tough time, while people need some sprite. 

Hiseas still keeps optimism and encourages everyone stay calm, actively responds to every emergency as well.

Optimizing Internal Process

During this period, Hiseas concentrated resources to carry out internal process and system optimization, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of improving operational efficiency, reducing service costs, and supporting the company's future business development.

Organizing Learning and Training

Hiseas strengthened its business skills training, continued to develop courses, organized online training, experience exchange, and carried out activities such as reading and sports. Hiseas helps everyone to enrich the professional knowledge, continue to charge and build a better self.

Through a series of training and sharing activities, Hiseas helps everyone to find the job positioning, improve business capabilities, and adjust the mental state, both to prepare for the next challenge and to better shape their new self.

Facing this uncertain world, always be prepared. 

With hope, we will see the dawn.