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"Go further with Hiseas" – Annual Conference in ThailandBACK


With 2020 coming, this is the tenth year of the development of Hiseas. The third of annual conference of "Go Further with Hiseas" was held in Bangkok, Thailand.



With years of development, the business of Hiseas has gradually expanded, meanwhile offices at home and abroad have been increasing. At present, Hiseas has opened offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia. Hiseas has established a systematic and effective sales network in the long-term market expansion in China and Southeast Asian countries.

Firm Belief

Year of 2019 was a tough year but a growing year for Hiseas. Although there are always bumps on the road, but Hiseas still firm belief and make pleasant achievements during the past year.





After years of accumulation and development, Hiseas is at the leading position in the tourism industry in China and even in Asia. In the future, Hiseas will develop external strategy while consolidate internal guarantees fully realize the expansion of business.

Mr. Wang Wei, CEO of Hiseas, stated that Hiseas has made rapid progress in the past three years. In the next three years, we will also maintain rapid growth. There are hope and difficulties coexisting in 2020, Hiseas will certainly stand out.


Gain and Go Further

Southeast offices have made outstanding contributions to Hiseas in the past year. Mr. Wang Wei presented the awards to the best sales team, best sellers and fully affirmed the hard work and excellent achievements achieved in the past year, and at the same time inspired everyone present to work harder in future work and life.


Pressure is also the motivation. The sales team of Hiseas is a powerful team. Each year, they sign the "the agreement of commitment for business performance", with heavy tasks and expectations. In the coming year, we will still strive for our goals and contribute the greatest strength to the development!

New Journey

During the party of annual event, southeast offices actively prepared creative and interesting performance to bring audience a wonderful audiovisual feast. Each performance shows the different styles of Hiseas.


The year of 2019 was filled with difficulties, and the future may not always favoring, but Hiseas can always face all the difficult with smile.