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Restaurant Le Terroir,

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, it is a Michelin-starred restaurant of 2018. The Restaurant has attracted lots of tourists for its distinctive cellar.


With crystal ball-like glass dome design, the restaurant create a cozy ambience considerately, allowing people to enjoy gourmet food and London's beautiful scenery in such a warm icy house in winters. Dining here, you can have a panoramic view of  beauty of River Thames.

Restaurant series

Spoon the Boat Restaurant

Apart from superior service, you can enjoy beauty of the Danube.

You can host a gala dinner.

Reception capacity: lounge:170 people

Cafe: 120 people

Winter garden: 80 people

Gala dinner: 320 people

Events: 550 people

Le Grand Vefour

Le Grand Vefour has saw two hundred years of history of rise and fall in France. Located in Palain Royal Garden nearby Louvre, with wonderful surroundings, the Restaurant owns hand-painted ceiling and splendid crystal chandeliers. And chairs here have golden nameplates on their back, with names of celebrities once dining here, including Napoleon, Josephine, Chopin and George Sand. It can be described as a restaurant with many histories and staggering taste. 

Booking procedure and standards of Michelin starred restaurants

The restaurants can be booked 2 weeks in advance generally, requiring 50% prepayment and be cancelled 3 days in advance. Michelin three-starred restaurants requires full payment and formal wear for dining. Besides, in those restaurants, every dish will be served after the previous is finished and it is not allowed to serve all the dishes. Special dishes should be booked at least a week in advance generally, and if there are any special needs, such as a private room, it is suggested to contact the restaurant directly. Booking can be cancelled in 24-48 hours in advance.