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Diverse hotel resources

Hiseas has extensive hotel resources around Europe and North America. Entered into cooperation agreements with many B2B hotels. Offer Europe-inbound and North-America-inbound tourism services for hundreds of thousands of Asian tourists, serve more than 5,500 tourist groups and books nearly 1,000,000 room nights annually. Therefore, Hiseas has gained abundant and diverse hotel resources and also came out in front in hotels' VIP namelist, having priority in resources usage. Hiseas has been unceasingly improving the cooperation mode. In 2016, Hiseas B2B hotel reservation platform was released. To meet market needs, Hiseas has made constant endeavors to enrich and diversify destination resources. By virtue of its partnership with more than 9,000 hotels, Hiseas is able to provide diversified hotel services for all clients.


Hiseas International Tourism Group

After years of exploration and build-up,

the group now has 7 self-owned hotels and thousands of partner hotels.


There are 5000 and above partner hotels,

including well-known and featured hotels in most European cities, 

to offer different types and levels of hotel services.

The group is able to serve over 5500 tour groups

and books nearly 1,000,000 room nights annually

Hiseas International Tourism Group is integrating destination resources from time to time,

to provide consumers and partners with a variety of hotel resources.


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