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Airplane self-flying resources

Airplane self-flying experience in Los Angeles


(Appreciate and experience the feeling of flying)

The flying instructors are licensed with Gold Star issued by Federal Aviation Administration.

You will be instructed by the instructors about the airplane knowledge and then fly an airplane together with the instructor by sitting on the copilot seat, for practice. You can fly an airplane for 90 minutes, taking off from Chino in the Chinese district of Los Angeles towards Pacific coast, via Santa Monica, Catalina Island and then flying southwards or eastwards, to enjoy the terrain in Southern California, such as  sea, desert, downtown, mountains and dam. This allow you to get some idea of the splendid sights, like varied terrain and amazing seaside scenery from the air. At last, you'll land on the runway and take photos with the airplane and the pilot. 


Step A:

Before flying, the instructor will make a 5-10-minute brief introduction. The introduction involves functions of the airplane parts, flight control and principles and terms for communication during the flight. This is an important class in the process of being an pilot. 

Step B:

After the introduction and going to the apron, the instructor will review the content introduced, to allow you know about the airplane at a deeper level and to reduce the sense of strangeness. 

Step C:

After boarding, the instructor will be responsible for taking off and landing and you'll fly during the flight under the assistance. You can experience the fun of flying,and overlook scenery at the same time.  

An airplane can hold 4 people, including 1 pilot and 3 guests. 

The pilot and 1 guest will sit in the front and 2 guest accompany in the flight. 

Details of packages: 

Package 1: (60 minutes)

30-min ground training and 30-min airplane flying 

Package 2: (90 minutes)

30-min ground training and 60-min airplane flying 

Package 3: (120 minutes)

30-min ground training and 90-min airplane flying 

(Please consult offices of Hiseas International for the package price)