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High-end recreation experience

Top 10 golf courses in the world

NO. 1: Augusta National Golf Club

Georgia, designed by Augusta/Anixter Mackenzie & Bob Jones (in 1993)

NO. 2: Pine Valley

New Jersey, Pine Valley/George Crump & H.S. Colter (in 1918)

NO. 3 Cypress Point Golf Club

Pebble Beach, California / Alister MacKenzie & Robert Hunter (in 1928)

NO. 4 Shinnecock Hills

Southampton, New York / William Flynn (in 1931)

NO. 5 Merion Golf Club

Ardmhor, Pennsylvania/Hugh Wilson (in 1912)

NO. 6 Oakmont

Oakmont, Pennsylvania/Henry Fownes (in 1903)

NO. 7 Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, California/Jack Neville & Douglas Grant (in 1919)

NO. 8 National Golf Links of America

Southampton, New York / C.B. Macdonald (in 1911)

NO. 9 Winged Foot (West)

Mamaroneck, New York / A.W. Tillinghast (in 1923)

NO. 10 Fishers Island

Fishers Island, New York / Seth Raynor & Charles Banks (in 1926)

Fabulous shooting practice experience in U.S.A


Finding a shooting range in U.S.A is as easy as finding a noodle restaurant in China.

Price list for reference (except for danger from dealing with guns, price for shooting practice is regular actually): 

Rental for targets: under $20 without time limit;

Rental for guns: about $20 for each 

Rental for goggles/ear muffle: $2

Purchase for target paper: $0.50 or so/paper 

Purchase for bullets: $10 or so for a box of 50 bullets

Shooting ranges: the Gun Range in California

Address: 3479 Orange Grove, North Highlands, CA 95660

The Gun Range near Sacramento in CA is a shop for shooting practice. With friendly management style, the Gun Range allows you have fun by holding lawful documents, no matter who you are and where you come from. Even if you are green hands, as long as listening to its safety factors and precautions, you can pick up a gun and practice. With nice environment and spacious shopfront and range, the Gun Range is able to allow you place your personal belongings and the target paper. There are a variety of guns available for rent, even AK series with strong firepower. If guns are out of work, like cartridge jamming, you just need to leave the guns in the range and go out and ask for a salesclerk's help.

Shooting ranges: Target Masters in California

Address: 122 Minnis cir, Milpitas, CA, 95035 (the Bay Area in California, an hour's drive from San Francisco to the south.)

This range is harshly managed. Why? Because it is opened next to a police station. It accept only American citizens and green card holders. If you are neither of them, ask a friend who is either a citizen or a holder to you. Besides, the range requires much more from you. If you are a green hand, the range will ask you to watch a 15-min teaching video and test you orally about the video content. If you fails, watch the video again. The range also controls the gun renting and offer small-bore pistols if you are a green hand.