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Conference Reception of Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem Summit 2018 EMEABack

On July 2, 2018, “Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem Summit 2018 EMEA” sponsored by Alibaba Cloud Group came to successful conclusion at Station-F, a business incubator in Paris. Dufan Voyages, as an enterprise bridging friendly exchanges between China and Europe, feel very proud for Alibaba Cloud Group!


This day, Station-F, the largest business incubator in the world, gathered hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs from Europe. Wang Yeming, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Computing in EMEA, delivered a whole day’s brainstorming to the audience in joint efforts with leading figures in the European high-tech industry.


Alibaba Cloud released EMEA Ecosystem Partner Program in Paris to further serve the EMEA markets.

As an event of the largest scale sponsored by Alibaba Cloud in Europe this year, the Summit attracted the participants including Intel, Accenture, Hashicorp, Ecritel, Altran, Micropole, Linkbynet and other leaders in the industry and big names in the science & technology field, who together contributed a grand event in the high and new technology.


Sébastien BADAULT, General Manager of Alibaba in France, and Wang Yeming, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud EMEA Project, detailed the EMEA global strategy and ecosystem of Alibaba Cloud.

Richard CURRAN, Chief Security Officer of Intel, analyzed the cloud trend, cloud growth and EMEA regional market management from the perspective of Intel, and reviewed the cooperation history between Alibaba and Intel as well as the great achievements that had been made by them.


Eyal MADAR, Advanced Algorithm Researcher from MV Laboratory of Alibaba in Israel, and Antoine TESNIERE, Science Advisor from Department of Educational Studies of France, made speeches on “Cloud as Catalyst for Artificial Intelligence Research”.

Aymeric AITAMER, CEO and Co-founder of Artifakt, shared his views on “Multi-cloud and Best Practices”.


Individuals’ speaking and sharing is not enough. Only collision of wits can stimulate more sparks of thoughts. Four senior managers, Ranch Computing , Veolia, indigo Weel and Havas, held a round-table conference about “Digital Innovation” to discuss the new trend in the digital era with the participants.


In addition to the wonderful speeches, Alibaba Cloud also offered a half day’s occupational training for a hundred participants in the afternoon. Through the approach of training + experiment + exam + certificate awarding, these participants experienced the powerful products and complete training services of Alibaba Cloud.


MVP awards of Alibaba Cloud were granted at the end of the event, and praise and affirmation were given to the individual who had made outstanding contribution to the Alibaba Cloud system. Ugur ERENOGLU from Cloud & Security Germany Department of Vodafone won this honor.


(Listed above are part of the workers from Dufan Voyages who were in charge of this Summit)

This Summit closed on 19:00, and DuFan Voyages witnessed this historical moment in the whole course.

Meanwhile, we appreciate this cooperation opportunity to help the Chinese national enterprises go global and to make little contribution to friendly exchanges between China and Europe. Let’s look forward to the digital future that is to come together!